Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well, it has been awhile since I have updated this blog - mostly, because I have been lazy. Actually, I broke my elbow in May and it kicked my mental butt. I am going to try to keep this blog updated, to a point. check back in a week and see if there is anything new!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally, some sun!

Wow, its been awhile since I have been here! Why is that?? Because I have been busy working, riding and racing my bike! Since last time I did a 50 mile mountain bike race in Hot Springs, Arkansas and last weekend had team training camp in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The mountain bike race was GREAT! My first big race of the season that I totally did not plan to do, but decided a week in advance to go for it! I got third in my age-group and 6th overall! The weather was fabulous, sun and warmth! I actually raced in shorts! Roger and I camped for two nights with the Bailey Dog! She was a great little camper, despite some late night barking...One of the nights was so cold, that Roger had to put her in his sleeping bag. She stayed in there the whole night and slept!

Team Training camp was GREAT! The weather was cold and drizzly, but it didn't keep up off the road! I ended up riding about 200 miles over Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Was able to get in some good base miles with a great group of people!

Stay tuned for some recovery nutrition tips that I put into practice over the training weekend. We did two rides a day and recovery was extremely important!

I will talk more about this later. I am seriously tired from the weekend, work, and daylight savings that I can barely keep my eyes open.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Nutrition Tip of the Week

Don't eat Salt and Vinegar potato chips 30 minutes before a trainer ride!

Why, because the fat in the chips delays gastric emptying and could cause some GI upset.
A better snack option would be something low in fiber and low in fat to facilitate gastric emptying and high in carbohydrate, such as a bagel. A small snack should be consumed at least 1-2 hours prior to a workout depending on the intensity of the workout.

A better option 30 minutes prior: Try 7-10 ounces of a sports drink to help maintain hydration status and ward off fatigue, especially for workouts lasting longer than 1 hour.

Stay posted for more random nutrition tips!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fox 4 News

My job was on the news today, so I was on the news today! I have a number of police officers in the weight management group I teach. One of which is friends with a news reporter. She took interest in him because he lost 88 pounds and she didn't recognize him! Fox 4 News ran a story on three of the officers in my group, who have lost 88, 50 and 40 pounds! It was really cool to hear them talk about how much the program has helped them! Even though I just facilitate the group (I did not develop the program), they all think their success is a direct result of me and the program! Now talk about some job satisfaction!

Check it out at http://www.fox4kc.com/videobeta/ (video named "Program keeps unwanted weight off).

My biggest complaint: even though the news reporter interviewed the Assistant Director of the program, they did not have her on the news, nor did they really talk about the program in reference to the Weight Control Research Program at KU. They focused on the Kansas City Police Officers....I wished they would've talked about the actual program a bit!

Anyway, I can be seen on the news "working with my participants in a counseling setting".
It was so cool to see my participants on the news!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning!

Just a quick update! This week has been super, duper busy as far as work is concerned. I worked 3 twelve hour days and 2 eight hour days. I was quite exhausted by the end of the week. Believe it or not, I was in bed by 9:30 last night. Yikes, did not even watch the Olympics!

I do not have any cool races or rides to talk about, because the weather had been quite gray and dismal. When I moved to Kansas, I was told by all the locals that Kansas sees more sunny than cloudy days. Now they are telling me that this is the worst winter they have ever seen. So, its constantly between 20 and 35 degrees, gray and usually wet. These conditions make trail riding impossible because they are muddy and wet. Road riding works out some weekends, but not this weekend because the pavement is wet and dirty. It is not raining, so I am sure there are a few crazies out there riding, but this crazy is going to stay home and workout on the trainer, in the basement. I am jealous of my Virginia friends, they have so much snow that they are not really missing riding, because they have all been cross country skiing! I wish Kansas had more snow, I would love to cross country ski in the winter time!

Racing starts up next weekend, but mostly crit style racing. I am not planning on doing much of that, but I may go do one or two just for time on the bike. The first mountain bike race is March 28th, I sure hope the trails dry up by then. The weather is being so uncooperative (Roger and I actually discussed taking a 4 day weekend and driving to Texas for some sun and riding)! I am certainly behind in my training miles. But, if I compare this time last year to now, I was living in a hotel room without a bike and I was even more behind in riding! Sometimes I think the break does the body good.

I certainly look forward to spring and sunny days! Not only do I anticipate a season full of mountain biking, I look forward to planting my spring flowers, walking in the green grass barefoot and cooking out on the grill!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Time

Darn it, I just lost my post. Now I have to re-write it.
Here goes: this is my first time doing the blog thing, but I thought it would be a great way for family and friends to keep up with me since I move around a lot (it seems). This will mostly be about riding, racing, and Roger, with tid bits about Bailey Dog, of course! Between the two of us, Roger and I have 10 bicycles, so there will definitely be some cool stuff going with riding, racing, travel and stuff. Either that, I will just figure out that we are getting old and boring (LOL)!

So, gonna give this a shot! Thanks for the great idea Skyla and Dani!

Stay tuned, more to come!